So this is it….I have decided to make money online. To be honest this is not the first time I tried, but this time I want to succeed. That is why I started this website. I want to share with you what my progress will be in 2013. Call it a challenge, my affiliate challenge for 2013! Sounds good enough for me!

I will start from scratch. Do it all over again. Why? Well because the last time I did this, it turned into a mess. A big mess actually. There is so much to do and so many ways to do it. The internet can be a tricky thing when you are looking for a fast way to online money. I have seen it all and my inbox fills up with one offer after the other. All helping me succeed online….NOT.

So now what? Well I will try and blog everyday, most likely every two days, and get into my steps to my success. If there is any success to report I will do that in my blog. Furthermore I will gather links and articles on making money online. And I can also imagine writing about and promoting products and services on this site. After all this is about making money online, so that makes sense doesn’t it?

We are now half way through February 2013, so that means that this challenge will end in 10 months from now. By that time I expect to be an everyday affiliate.

Wish me luck,

Martin Seij


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