iPad speech, the perfect way to write your articles fast and accurate

I have found a great feature on my iPad. I am now able to write articles in the same pace as I am speaking. To write draft articles is very easy from now on, and I can put more time into the content of my article instead of going back and having to correct my spelling mistakes. It is amazing how the words come out, and how the iPad writes perfect English.

So when you have an idea to talk about in your blog, you can just start talking to your iPad and record what’s in your head. Whenever you have the time to go back and read what you talked about, you can alter, twist and tweak your article and make it perfect. Before you know it you will be writing long articles with more than 400 words each time. And when you have the story clear then writing interesting content should not be the problem.

I can only imagine the subjects I can now touch upon and the number of articles I will be able to write and make interesting content for the readers of my blog to follow. It will take a little bit of studying to find out how exactly I can use this feature on my new iPad. In the meanwhile I am very happy to have found this feature and write articles as quickly as I can now.

What would be really interesting, is to find out if there is a translation possible from English to Dutch. And if that works as perfectly as this feature on the iPad. Although I’m doing most of my blogging and article writing in English, there’s a good chance that I need to produce more content in Dutch in the near future.

It is very tempting to keep on talking to the machine and put out as many words as I possibly can. However I have to keep in mind that it’s not about the number of words I can produceĀ as much as it is about the quality of the article. And because my actual writing of the article takes less time, I can put more time into research online and find more quality content for my blog. So any way I look at it this is a big winner for me.

This could actually be the solution I have been waiting for to be able to create quality articles in a really short time. Because taking less time to write an article seems to be an issue. I have been looking into article spinning software that produces a number of articles based on the article that you submit. The negative thing about this, is that you have no control over the actual quality of your article. When you take the time to write fresh content, this feature on the iPad is the perfect solution to take notes as if you were talking about a certain subject to a real person.

Come to think of it, this revolutionary way of writing content and articles is helping me put out in writing what is in my head. And since I am more of a talker than a writer I consider this feature very helpful.

Let me get back to you in another post shortly to report on the different features and the amount of time you need to really utilize the iPad for your article writing. So don’t go off to stores to buy your iPad yet, there might be another solution that I have not come up with yet.

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