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Great article on how to effectively use the text widget! And man over 4000 words……now that’s some work!

And I found out this way that you can Re-Blog! Also a cool feature.

Lorelle on WordPress

One of the most unappreciated widgets among the WordPress Widget collection is the Text Widget.

There are many Widgets that come with WordPress, and many more you can add with Widget WordPress Plugins. The Text Widget is not a WordPress Plugin, it comes with the basic installation of WordPress and The Text Widget helps you add content that goes beyond these, helping you add simple or complicated things to your sidebar or any widgetized area of your blog.

Many don’t know what to do with it, are afraid or uncertain how to use it, and fearful of HTML, so let’s make this simple and easy and help you explore all the things you can do with the WordPress Text Widget.

What Can I Do with the WordPress Text Widget

There are so many things you can do with the WordPress Text Widget. Here is just a sample.

  • Ads

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Possibilities and features in

What can I do with a site?

What a week. I have done a lot of work on Ondernemersadviesboek together with a good friend from Creative-Design. Thanks Johan, you are an awesome webmagician. The work put into that website is mainly content building. All the behind-the-scenes-webstuff still has to be done. However this post is all about the possibilities and features in and what I promised myself to do is make a plan and look at a number of subjects to help me get started online. Since I am focussing on making this work with free available tools like, I put the research on wordpress on my list of things to look at.

I found a number of usefull links to help me learn how to use easily and quickly. It is amazing to find this much information online, people helping out for new online wannabe affiliates like me. I have been actively working online, but uptill now without any success worth mentioning. Making money online is hard when you do not know what you are doing. To make this effort work I need to get back to the beginning, start from scratch.

I will mention a number of features and discuss them briefly, add a link to the original page for you to follow and reas about it in more detail.

Manage slideshows and galleries by Cheri Lucas
You can insert a slideshow in the media manager and select galary layouts more easiliy. A very nice way to show your photos and have your visitors look at someting interesting.

How to get more comments by Scott Berkun
The people from wordpress made up a list of 12 things to do to get more reactions on your posts. People thanking you for the information you provide in your post or another reason why they want to add a comment.

Embed Wufoo forms and surveys by Evan Solomon
This post shows what the Wufoo forms look like and what the features are that you can use. It has a cool video showing how it all works. I have worked with forms before, so this is something I will definitely use.

Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook by Scott Berkun
Short article about the ability for visitors to post the content of your blog to Facebook and Twitter. So when we find a way to attract people to my blog, I probably need to do something to the content to make people click and post my articles on their social media.

3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from by Nick Momrik
This article axplains hwo to use the Twitter follow button effectively and what it looks like when you use the feature in

Writing made easy with Writing Helper by Scott Berkun
This feature helps you write your posts quicker and easier. It saves the posts you like as a template, so you can use the same layout. More templates can be saved. When you wrote a post you can have it checked by people you know. This feature helps you to get feedback on your posts before you publish them.

PollDaddy ratings and polls by Lenny
Nice feature tht enables your visitors to rate whatever you present them to be rated and ask their opinion about whatever you want to ask them. The article has links to supportpages and shows how you can edit the settings.

WordPress Tips: Exploring the WordPress Text Widget by Lorelle
Great article on how to get everything out of the text-widget feature on Lorelle takes you by the hand and show you how to add things and manage the settings. A lot of pictures show you what to expect and how it looks once you have made the changes.

I am sure there are many more possibilities and features for me to discover on, but I will first work with these features and see how I want to use them.

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