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Seo tips for beginners

All the SEO tips for beginners together in one article

SEO, probably the most talked about subject for online marketeers. It seems that there is a battle going on between the searchengines (google in specific) and the online marketeers. Google wants to keep their engine nice and clean which I can perfectly understand. The marketeers however look for ways to be on page 1 and get most of the traffic they need to sell their products.

I have been reading a lot on SEO and for the last couple of years I have been tricked into many programs to get me traffic fast and easy. That does not work. I know that now. So what to do then? How do I get my content online and read by as many people as possible?

The way I feel I should go is the honest way. Like Lorelle told me in her comment on my last post, it is all about the content and how to present that. To create something interesting for people to read, I should make it interesting and not annoying. So knowing what I am writing about, making a list of subjects to write about and then get to it. That’s my plan.

Back to the SEO. I want to know what I should put into my content and website to be liked by the searchengines and rank high on the first page for subjects I am writing about.

To make sure that I got the best information I picked the top 5 websites that came up after I searched google for “seo tips for beginners“. Here are the subjects that are mentioned by the experts online in random order:

Title tags
I never really thought about this before, but when you see the difference it looks good! Whenever you open a webpage, the tab in webbrowser shows text in it. That’s a title tag! You describe the page and it tells a visitor what to expect of the content before the visitor clicks on it. Because it shows in google, right? Every page should have a title tag, and while you are at it you should make it interesting.

You know all the numbers and letters shown after your webaddress like this: http:/ but when you are finished writing the article it becomes this: Much better! In wordpress you can edit the permalink right above your text editor. This way you can change it into something attractive, because just like the titletags a permalink gives you the opportunity to advertise your content when the search results are show in google.

I read a great little article on a BBC website (link provided aal the way down this article). They specifically talked about the ways to determine a great headline for your article. This is what they came up with;
1. use full names as much as possible when talking about a person or describing a product,
2. put the most important terms as close to the start of your headline as you can,
3. try to minimise the number of “unsearchable” terms in your headline and
4. don’t forget that the headline still needs to be properly written, and not just a jumble of key words!

Finally they give you a number of questions to ask yourself before you write a headline:
1. what would I search for if I was interested in this topic?
2. what are the names of the main people involved?
3. what one or two words sums up what the story is?
4. where is the story happening?

This will give you an idea on what to do to get great headlines for your articles. It takes a little work, but you get great results. This post I am writing needs a little more work on this subject, but for now I will leave the headline for what it is. At least I put in a headline, right?

Number of words
It seems to be that there is a minimum of about 400 words for each article. At the time I am writing this article I count 561 words and I still have a lot of subjects to cover. While I do like to be efficient I also understand what Lorelle explained to me. It is not about the minimum of words, it’s more about the maximum of attention and delivery of content. Looking at the word count again on the bottom of my text editor in wordpress, it says 625. Wow that’s growing rapidly!

The advertising space on google. Everything that you put in the metags-section will be diplayed right under you webaddress when shown in google. When you do not have the possibility to change the metatags google will use the first 3 sentences of your article to display. In you can not change the metatags, so that leaves you with the option of putting the right message in the first three sentences. That reminds me to change my opening….or maybe not.

Internal links
Links from one page to another in your website. When I talk about keywords later on I put an internal link under the word keywords just like now. This brings a visitor to another page on your website that relates to the word that has the link to it. That makes sense right? Don’t put links there that will take a visitor somewhere completely different. When linking from the word keyword you should link to a page that actually shows content regarding keywords. Make sure that you don’t open another tab when a visitors clicks the link. Otherwise his whole browser will filled with your different webpages. That could be a little to much…

Words, and preferably lots of them. When you write articles to put on your website it is advised to use a lot of text. And then to make things worse, the text has to actually tell a story. Not just words, stories that grasp the reader and make him or her stick with you untill the end. In other words, write to please. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste, avoid duplicate content and make sure that your stuff is original and fresh.

The keyword, target word or whatever you like to call it. Another frequently mentioned subject on the affiliate forums. Why? Well what I have learned is that keywords are vital for your SEO. Then again, so is everything else. But maybe the reason why I like to do keyword research is because it is honest! You do the work and you get results! A lot of information is available online to help you find the right words. And it is all free! And believe me when I tell you that I have tried a number programs to get me keywords quick and easy. Don’t do it, do it yourself. It is much more fullfilling to do your own research.

Use about a maximum of 5 keywords to mix in with your content. If possible write something for just that one keyword that you want to rank for. Check the link highlighted here above to go to one of my posts on keywords. Oh yeah, it also helps to bold the keywords that you put in your articles. That way they stick out and that is something that google likes, so the experts say. When your text is all bold,you know you have got some re-writing to do right?

External links
This kind of speaks for itself, a link to another website. So as an example, when you scroll down to the bottom of this article you will find 5 external links to the top 5 websites I found when I searched google for “seo tips for beginners“. Make sure that when you send a visitor to another website, you open another tab. Otherwise you have lost them to the other website and your site is gone from their browser.

Finding your information online is very easy.When you search for the best information on a subject, you should go for the websits tranking high on page one. Why? Well because these websites have a lot of visitors. And that shows that the content must be interesting. Another reason for me to look for the top 5 ranking, is that I am discussing SEO. And that is what SEO is all about. Ranking high on page 1 in google.

Reduce bounce rate
I did not know what this was untill I read about it now. A bounce rate is the number of times that people click on your link in google and stay very, very shortly. In other words, they don’t like what they found and they leave immediately. How to prevent this from happening:

1. Attractive template and design of website, wordpress does that for you and plenty of choices for templates.
2. Do not make your website a showcase of ads and advertisements, people want to read something right?
3. Fast loading time is also an another factor, again wordpress should be okay.
4. Unique and good quality content.
5. Appealing title
6. Deliver what you promised in the title tags and metags

Linkbuilding & Backlinks
Backinking happens when your website is visited by people coming in from another website. Google will love that! So exchanging links with other websites is very important. But how do you do that? You can send an email to websites that you consider interesting for your target audience. Ask them to put a link to your website on their website and in return offer them the same. You can also create backlinks from the different kinds of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Or you can put up videos on Youtube and link them back to your website. Basically any website that attracts the kind of visitors that you want, is interesting for linkbuilding.

Blog Directories
There are a lot of directories that offer you to join their listing. For example this blog would be listed in a category on affiliate marketing. That way when people search the web looking for affiliate marketing information, these directories will offer them a number of blogs on the subject they are looking for. A visitor coming through one of these directories is also creating a backlink for you.

Sitemaps & Searchengines
This is a more difficult subject. I have been looking into sitemaps and adding url’s to searchengines. And it gets pretty technical when you do that. They want XML-files to be uploaded and they talk about index-files etc.. I work with templates on other website projects. And there are solutions to this technical stuff in wordpress, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. This blog is done in, so that means I have to do it myself. I will write down my experiences in another post soon.

Guest posting
When you ask someone else to write posts for you or exchange posts to link to both your websites, then that will lead to more cross traffic and ofcourse more content. Linking from one blog to another will help the visitor gain more information. I have no experience with this yet, but I am sure I will soon.

Image ALT tag
When you put in a picture you can also edit tags and put extra information with the picture. On my other websites I have a lot of pictures, so that means that I have to go back and re-do all of them………great!!

Anchor text
The last part of your article is called the anchor text. Try to put keywords into this part of your article to make the whole thing complete. Don’t go crazy, just let the reader know what your article was about. Maybe even sum it all up and give the reader a small overview of the subjects you just covered. For this article it doesn’t make sense, because this is one big overview.

I promised you the links to the top 5 websites that came up on the first page when I search for “seo tips for beginners”, so here they are:

There are more links on my website to help you out as a beginner, click here to go there now.

So that was it. All the seo tips for beginners together in one article. I hope this will help you get started and work on your seo. It helped me to understand what workload I was looking at if I wanted to do it the right way. Good luck and please share this information with anyone you feel like.

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Great article on how to effectively use the text widget! And man over 4000 words……now that’s some work!

And I found out this way that you can Re-Blog! Also a cool feature.

Lorelle on WordPress

One of the most unappreciated widgets among the WordPress Widget collection is the Text Widget.

There are many Widgets that come with WordPress, and many more you can add with Widget WordPress Plugins. The Text Widget is not a WordPress Plugin, it comes with the basic installation of WordPress and The Text Widget helps you add content that goes beyond these, helping you add simple or complicated things to your sidebar or any widgetized area of your blog.

Many don’t know what to do with it, are afraid or uncertain how to use it, and fearful of HTML, so let’s make this simple and easy and help you explore all the things you can do with the WordPress Text Widget.

What Can I Do with the WordPress Text Widget

There are so many things you can do with the WordPress Text Widget. Here is just a sample.

  • Ads

View original post 2,801 more words

Possibilities and features in

What can I do with a site?

What a week. I have done a lot of work on Ondernemersadviesboek together with a good friend from Creative-Design. Thanks Johan, you are an awesome webmagician. The work put into that website is mainly content building. All the behind-the-scenes-webstuff still has to be done. However this post is all about the possibilities and features in and what I promised myself to do is make a plan and look at a number of subjects to help me get started online. Since I am focussing on making this work with free available tools like, I put the research on wordpress on my list of things to look at.

I found a number of usefull links to help me learn how to use easily and quickly. It is amazing to find this much information online, people helping out for new online wannabe affiliates like me. I have been actively working online, but uptill now without any success worth mentioning. Making money online is hard when you do not know what you are doing. To make this effort work I need to get back to the beginning, start from scratch.

I will mention a number of features and discuss them briefly, add a link to the original page for you to follow and reas about it in more detail.

Manage slideshows and galleries by Cheri Lucas
You can insert a slideshow in the media manager and select galary layouts more easiliy. A very nice way to show your photos and have your visitors look at someting interesting.

How to get more comments by Scott Berkun
The people from wordpress made up a list of 12 things to do to get more reactions on your posts. People thanking you for the information you provide in your post or another reason why they want to add a comment.

Embed Wufoo forms and surveys by Evan Solomon
This post shows what the Wufoo forms look like and what the features are that you can use. It has a cool video showing how it all works. I have worked with forms before, so this is something I will definitely use.

Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook by Scott Berkun
Short article about the ability for visitors to post the content of your blog to Facebook and Twitter. So when we find a way to attract people to my blog, I probably need to do something to the content to make people click and post my articles on their social media.

3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from by Nick Momrik
This article axplains hwo to use the Twitter follow button effectively and what it looks like when you use the feature in

Writing made easy with Writing Helper by Scott Berkun
This feature helps you write your posts quicker and easier. It saves the posts you like as a template, so you can use the same layout. More templates can be saved. When you wrote a post you can have it checked by people you know. This feature helps you to get feedback on your posts before you publish them.

PollDaddy ratings and polls by Lenny
Nice feature tht enables your visitors to rate whatever you present them to be rated and ask their opinion about whatever you want to ask them. The article has links to supportpages and shows how you can edit the settings.

WordPress Tips: Exploring the WordPress Text Widget by Lorelle
Great article on how to get everything out of the text-widget feature on Lorelle takes you by the hand and show you how to add things and manage the settings. A lot of pictures show you what to expect and how it looks once you have made the changes.

I am sure there are many more possibilities and features for me to discover on, but I will first work with these features and see how I want to use them.

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Looking for the right keyword

This is fun. I will be looking for the right keyword because I want to write a post about keywords. Use the tips that Lisa Barone pointed out in her article. So what would be a better excercise than to look for the best keywords for an article or post about KEYWORDS?

I use Ubersuggest for keywordsuggestions. This is a free tool that you can use and when putting in the word KEYWORD I got 380 results. So now what? What I do now is use the google keyword tool to find out which of the keywords in my list are interesting to use. I put the results up in the list below.

keyword tool 1mln low
keyword spy 18.100 low
keyword generator 27.100 low
keyword analysis 33.100 low
keyword academy no results
keyword bible 2900 normal
keyword builder 720 low
keyword blueprint 390 low
keyword discovery 5400 low
keyword estimator 6600 low
keyword estimator tool 880 low
keyword finder 5400 low
keyword for website 22.200 low
keyword generator free 2400 normal
keyword generator online 1600 low
keyword helper 140 low
keyword ideas 3600 low
keyword intelligence 480 low
keyword lookup 2400 low
keyword manager 1900 low
keyword maker 480 low
keyword optimization 6600 low
keyword questions 1000 low
keyword research 110000 low
keyword research tips 720 low
keyword search 165000 low
keyword software 22200 low
keyword seo 49500 normal
keyword toolbox 1300 low

Still a big list. I should narrow that down a little more.  I will select the keywords that are being used and entered into the google searchengines, between 5000 and 10000 times. Also very important is the competition. The competition I aim for should be low or medium. You can see them highlighted in the list above.

That leaves 4 results to work with. Interesting. Which keyword should I use for the title? To find out how these keywords rank in google, I will use the google browser and find out how many websites come up. Probably a lot…. What I do then is put the word I am searching for (keyword discovery) between ” “, like this “keyword discovery”. Still no rewarding results? Put the phrase intitle: in front. Like this: intitle:”keyword discovery”. When you still do not get the results you hoped for, you can copy the whole thing and paste that after the frase you just searched for. Now replace the INTITLE with IN ANCHOR.

Look for the results below. But what does this mean? Well to be able to rank high on the first page on google with the keywords I have just entered I need to do a little bit of work. Just putting the keywords in the title of my post, will not do. I need to put the keyword I am going to use in the anchor of my post. In other words, I need to start my post with the keyword in the title. Then I should carefully put this keyword into the text of my post. Starting with the header of my post. The anchor of post or article should also contain the keyword I want to use. Now I can make sure that the work I put into making this list is actually paying off.

Keyword discovery
Normal search 48,9 mln
“Keyword discovery” 2,4 mln
intitle 27.600
in anchor No results

Keyword estimator
Normal search 7,5 mln
“Keyword estimator” 6.180
intitle 1.940
in anchor No results

Keyword finder
Normal search 63,3 mln
“Keyword finder” 220.000
intitle 5.360
in anchor No results

Keyword optimization
Normal search 71,5 mln
“Keyword optimization” 2,3 mln
intitle 4.760
in anchor No results

Looking at the results above I feel a bit disappointed, but no worries. At least I know what the competition is like, for a little bit. Next thing to do is make a decision. Are these the words I want to use? Or do I need to look further? Let’s try another set of keywords, only now I select a few that have between 2000 and 5000 searches a month. See the results below.

keyword bible
Normal search 41,7 mln
“Keyword bible” 57.000
intitle 9.290
in anchor No results

keyword generator free
Normal search 28,5 mln
“keyword generator free” 355.000
intitle 36.600
in anchor No results

keyword ideas
Normal search 220 mln
“keyword generator free” 120.000
intitle 1.310
in anchor No results

keyword lookup
Normal search 243 mln
“keyword generator free” 146.000
intitle 107.000
in anchor No results

This is strange. Sometimes a keyword with less searches found in the keyword tool from google will have more competition results when you put them in the browser. All of them have NO RESULTS when you search on IN ANCHOR. Now I do not know how effective all of this will be. Just to learn how to add the keywords in an effective way, I will write new post and use what I read in Lisa Barone’s article about keywords and where to put them.

The keyword that I will use for the next post will be KEYWORD IDEAS, because of all the results this keyword has the least competition on intitle-searches.

Working on project with

Man, have I been busy! I promised myself to look at the possibilities in WordPress,com, but i got caught in another project. I have made a couple of websites in to link directly to a url. One I made for my good friend Niki Buzz. And the other one was for my wife’s business, called OndernemersAdviesboek. This is in Dutch, sorry…

I have made so remarkable progress working on these sites. And I must admit that i am actally very proud of myself. Still there is much more to do, since I have made a list of subjects to look at this week. So look forward to some more interesting post and updates in the next couple of days.

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Things to do for the next week

I need a plan, a list of subjects to look at and an agenda to plan my workload. Tread this challenge like a business and set goals to go after. Yeah ok….where do I start? In the last couple of years I have learned form my online mistakes and it for me it always comes down to planning. So that is what I am going to do.

The list of subjects to look at this week 15th – 22nd February 2013:

  1. Learn more about the possibilities in, get website working 100%
  2. Searchengines, add my url to the top 20
  3. SEO, what are the 10 most important steps I need to take?
  4. Keywords, make a list of subjects and do my research

I have added keywords to my list of subjects, because that is something I know I will do. Now to make my plan I need to reserve a spot in my schedule next week. Since I am not doing this fulltime, I will start with a maximum of 2 hours a day. This includes writing my posts and adding content to my website.

Today I added a couple of usefull links to keyword tools to my Link-page and a great article by Lisa Barone (Lisa is an SEO copywriter at Bruce Clay, Inc.). Read this article and you will know how to do some effective keyword research in five steps. Thanks Lisa, this will fill my schedule for the rest of the week.

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Finished setting up my blog.

Today is the first day of my Everyday Affiliate Challenge for 2013. This week will be all about looking for good content, reading about searchengines, SEO, linkbuilding and whatever I come across on my search for knowledge.

It is surprising how fast you can set up a blog with WordPress. Realy amazing.

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