Looking for the right keyword

This is fun. I will be looking for the right keyword because I want to write a post about keywords. Use the tips that Lisa Barone pointed out in her article. So what would be a better excercise than to look for the best keywords for an article or post about KEYWORDS?

I use Ubersuggest for keywordsuggestions. This is a free tool that you can use and when putting in the word KEYWORD I got 380 results. So now what? What I do now is use the google keyword tool to find out which of the keywords in my list are interesting to use. I put the results up in the list below.

keyword tool 1mln low
keyword spy 18.100 low
keyword generator 27.100 low
keyword analysis 33.100 low
keyword academy no results
keyword bible 2900 normal
keyword builder 720 low
keyword blueprint 390 low
keyword discovery 5400 low
keyword estimator 6600 low
keyword estimator tool 880 low
keyword finder 5400 low
keyword for website 22.200 low
keyword generator free 2400 normal
keyword generator online 1600 low
keyword helper 140 low
keyword ideas 3600 low
keyword intelligence 480 low
keyword lookup 2400 low
keyword manager 1900 low
keyword maker 480 low
keyword optimization 6600 low
keyword questions 1000 low
keyword research 110000 low
keyword research tips 720 low
keyword search 165000 low
keyword software 22200 low
keyword seo 49500 normal
keyword toolbox 1300 low

Still a big list. I should narrow that down a little more.  I will select the keywords that are being used and entered into the google searchengines, between 5000 and 10000 times. Also very important is the competition. The competition I aim for should be low or medium. You can see them highlighted in the list above.

That leaves 4 results to work with. Interesting. Which keyword should I use for the title? To find out how these keywords rank in google, I will use the google browser and find out how many websites come up. Probably a lot…. What I do then is put the word I am searching for (keyword discovery) between ” “, like this “keyword discovery”. Still no rewarding results? Put the phrase intitle: in front. Like this: intitle:”keyword discovery”. When you still do not get the results you hoped for, you can copy the whole thing and paste that after the frase you just searched for. Now replace the INTITLE with IN ANCHOR.

Look for the results below. But what does this mean? Well to be able to rank high on the first page on google with the keywords I have just entered I need to do a little bit of work. Just putting the keywords in the title of my post, will not do. I need to put the keyword I am going to use in the anchor of my post. In other words, I need to start my post with the keyword in the title. Then I should carefully put this keyword into the text of my post. Starting with the header of my post. The anchor of post or article should also contain the keyword I want to use. Now I can make sure that the work I put into making this list is actually paying off.

Keyword discovery
Normal search 48,9 mln
“Keyword discovery” 2,4 mln
intitle 27.600
in anchor No results

Keyword estimator
Normal search 7,5 mln
“Keyword estimator” 6.180
intitle 1.940
in anchor No results

Keyword finder
Normal search 63,3 mln
“Keyword finder” 220.000
intitle 5.360
in anchor No results

Keyword optimization
Normal search 71,5 mln
“Keyword optimization” 2,3 mln
intitle 4.760
in anchor No results

Looking at the results above I feel a bit disappointed, but no worries. At least I know what the competition is like, for a little bit. Next thing to do is make a decision. Are these the words I want to use? Or do I need to look further? Let’s try another set of keywords, only now I select a few that have between 2000 and 5000 searches a month. See the results below.

keyword bible
Normal search 41,7 mln
“Keyword bible” 57.000
intitle 9.290
in anchor No results

keyword generator free
Normal search 28,5 mln
“keyword generator free” 355.000
intitle 36.600
in anchor No results

keyword ideas
Normal search 220 mln
“keyword generator free” 120.000
intitle 1.310
in anchor No results

keyword lookup
Normal search 243 mln
“keyword generator free” 146.000
intitle 107.000
in anchor No results

This is strange. Sometimes a keyword with less searches found in the keyword tool from google will have more competition results when you put them in the browser. All of them have NO RESULTS when you search on IN ANCHOR. Now I do not know how effective all of this will be. Just to learn how to add the keywords in an effective way, I will write new post and use what I read in Lisa Barone’s article about keywords and where to put them.

The keyword that I will use for the next post will be KEYWORD IDEAS, because of all the results this keyword has the least competition on intitle-searches.


One thought on “Looking for the right keyword

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